Climb to the City of Domme

It was around 1281 that King Philippe III said "the bold" decides to create a country house on "the bar", this cliff which dominates the Dordogne river from more than 150 meters.

Amazing Experience

The country house was built according to "standards" that is to say a regular plan, streets intersecting at right angles, square squares, a hall etc. ... Through restorations, this country house has survived and still testifies to nowadays, from the richness of its past.

The most impressive vestiges of this military aspect make the bastide of Domme a remarkable site. Indeed, the ramparts which surround the village and the various doors which allowed access to it, are still largely present in an extraordinary state of conservation. The most impressive is undoubtedly the Porte des Tours, which demonstrates how the king wanted to confuse any attackers by imposing aesthetic constraints on the builders of the fortifications.

Skill level

Approx. time

2h 30m


31.7 Km

Additional tour info


Castelnaud-la-Chapelle (24250), Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Head northwest on Place De La Laicité
Turn right on D 57 0.0 km
Turn left 0.0 km
Turn right 0.1 km
Turn right on Voie Verte du Céou 0.2 km
Turn slightly left 0.6 km
Turn slightly right 0.8 km
Turn hard right 2.5 km
Turn hard left 2.5 km
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Turn right 3.4 km
Turn strong left on D 50 3.4 km
Turn right 5.5 km
Turn right 5.8 km
Slight right onto Route de la Vallée 9.0 km
Continue on Route de la Vallée 10.5 km
Turn left onto Route du Tramway, D 60 10.6 km
Turn left onto Route du Tramway, D 60 11.1 km
Slight right at D 46 15.6 km
Turn left 15.6 km
Turn slightly left 16.6 km
Turn right 16.6 km
Turn left on D 46 E 21.2 km
Turn right onto Rue de la Paillole 21.5 km
Turn left on Rue de la Résistance 21.7 km
Turn right onto Rue de la Résistance 21.7 km
Turn left 22.0 km
Continue on Grand Rue 22.1 km
Slight right onto D 49 22.2 km
Turn left on Place de la Rode, D 49 22.2 km
Turn right on D 49 22.4 km
Slight left at D 50 24.3 km
Turn right on D 46 24.4 km
Continue on D 703 25.2 km
Turn left 25.3 km
Turn left 25.9 km
Turn right 26.7 km
Turn left 27.7 km
Turn left on D 703 27.7 km
Turn right 27.7 km
Turn left on Rue de la Falaise 27.8 km
Continue on Route Pablo Picasso 28.5 km
Turn slightly right 28.5 km
Turn strong right on Route des Gabarres, D 703 28.8 km
Turn left on Chemin de Bord de Rivière Malartrie 28.9 km
Continue on Chemin du Halage 29.0 km
Turn left 29.0 km
Turn left on Chemin du Halage 29.5 km
Turn left on Route de la Pagaie, D 57 31.1 km


Domme (24250), Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Max elevation: 214 m
Min elevation: 65 m
Total climbing: 623 m
Total descent: -629 m

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