How can I extend the 24 hrs rental period?

Just keep cycling! You pay your rent on return, so you can keep the bike until you are done with it. The only thing is you have to call me first.

Do you give a reduction on large groups or for longterm rentals?

Yes we do. Groups off 10 persons get a 10% reduction when they pay all together. For longer periods than 2 weeks we offer special rates. Please check the Shop section.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Riders under 12 are required by law to wear a helmet. One is provided with your rental.

Do I have to have lights?

State law requires cyclists to have front and rear lights when riding at night. We'll provide you with both as part of your rental.

What do I do with the bike overnight?

Bikes like to sleep indoors, just like people. If you're staying in a hotel or camping, check with the bellhop, concierge, or reception to find out if you can take your bike to your room or if they want to keep it in their luggage room. Keeping the bike indoors overnight is the best way to avoid potential damage or theft.

What sizes do you offer?

47cm, 50cm, 53cm, 56cm, 59cm, 62cm

Who is responsible if the bike is stolen or damaged?

You are. We'll provide you the tools and knowledge needed to keep the bike safe but it's up to you to return everything we give you.

Do you deliver or pick up bikes?

Yes, but please call ahead of time to verify our availablility! We can deliver or pick up anywhere within Castelnaud the price will be accordingly to your needs.

What happens if I get a flat tire?

You probably won't. But if you do, stop riding immediately call us and we will change the bike, if we can't then find the nearest bike shop and have them fix it. The repair should cost around $12-$15 including labor, and be sure to get a receipt. If you need some directions, please give us a call.

Are there any special traffic rules I need to know?

Nope. A bicycle is allowed and held to the same laws as a car.

How much do your bikes weigh?

Our single speeds weigh 19-20 pounds, and our internal 8-speeds weight 24-25 pounds.

Where is Castel-Bike?

We are located at Tournepique 24250 Castelnaud la Chapelle